Matt Sellars


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Catching the Morning Sun

Went for an early morning walk along the South Boulder Creek Path and saw this guy taking in the morning sun.


Close up shot of the Great Horned Owl watching us as we hike by.

Watching the Forrest

A young Great Horned Owl quietly observing the forrest from a post nearby the nest.

Fluffy Owl

Baby(or Teenage?) Great Horned Owl sitting just outside the nest. Not too far away it's mamma is watching me from another branch :)

Tortoise Smile


Blue-footed Booby

Hanging out with a Blue Footed Booby on Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos.

Swimming with Turtles

Swimming with the sea turtles in the Galapagos

On the Rocks

A large male marine iguana lying in the sun on Floreana Island, Galápagos.

Tiny Turtle

We caught this tiny turtle swimming by the dock. We picked him up for a quick picture. He was definitely a ham for the camera :-)

Beach Friends

Friendly dog wandering on the beach with my wife and I.

Iguana Mohawk

A marine iguana soaking up the sun on Isabela Island, Galápagos.

Galápagos Penguins

Galápagos penquins swimming around our boat as we make our way towards the island.

Looking for Mama

A baby sea lion calling for it's mother as it hobbles across the beach.


An osprey circling overhead while hiking the Sleepy Lion trail.

Baby Owl

Hiking along the trail I happen to notice this little guy watching me. There ended up being two baby owls and one of the parents hanging out above us in the tree.